Established in 2006, Nhi Gia Trading & Service Co., Ltd is one of the leading companies providing high quality services in field of travel and procedures of application processing.

Nhi Gia has over 14 years of continuous innovation and incessant growth to affirm the leading position of the brand in the competitive tourism market.

At the same time, we are constantly expanding and launching essential products satisfying the needs of society. Then, Nhi Gia Trading & Service Co., Ltd has launched Go Mask, the brand of 4-layer antibacterial face mask.

Go Mask is created based on customers’ beliefs with the goal to protect public health. Because we know that “Health is our most valuable asset”, taking care of our customers’ health is an important task that Go Mask wishes to perform.

We commit that Go Mask 4-layer antibacterial face mask is a product that is well tested to not only supply to the domestic market but also export to other markets around the world such as the US and European countries, etc. Besides, the product price is always reasonable for customers to easily buy and use.

Go Mask will constantly improve and perfect the product to best serve you!

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